Welcome to my ramblings

I’m Rosie, a 35 year old mum of two beautiful girls as you can see in the photo (well, see most of. Unfortunately Alices’s bear hood has eaten one side of her face but take it from me, she is).

My daughters are ace. Parenting is wonderful. Well, it is wonderful most of the time but sometimes it’s why I call wine ‘Mummy’s Little Helper’. And also why I started this blog. Typing this is cheaper than wine.

Now you may be wondering why it’s in A-Z format. Simples. It’s logical and I NEED LOGICAL in a house of chaos run by a three year old and an eight month old. There is no randomness (is that a word?) here in my own little online world. THERE IS ORDER.

It’s also not a very whizzy blog because I knocked it up quicker than I was. Plus I’m not into tech; my three year old helps me work my phone.

I would also like to apologise if you opened this thinking it’s about how unimportant sleep is and you were hoping for tips on what you could do with the hours mortals spend sleeping. I can see the title could be misleading in that way and so feel free to turn off and do something worthwhile. Something like sleep perhaps? In fact, I could have been sleeping instead of typing this. What was I thinking? (slaps forehead) Oh yes, I wasn’t because of a lack of sleep. A vicious circle has consumed me. GAH!

Anyway, if you are still with me then, as mentioned, this is an A-Z so I will be populating each letter of the alphabet with some ramblings. You will (hopefully!) find the letters under ‘Menu’ or at the top of your screen depending on the device you are using.

If you have children already it’s probably too late but if you are reading this whilst pregnant, I recommend purchasing the sieve I refer to under ‘S’ from the off. I expect you to wield it at any time when you feel you may be being ‘offered’ advice.

Please do share this with friends and family if it makes you smile and do also please leave comments, tips, advice, food (especially chocolate) and WINE. However, please bear in mind that I have been sleep deprived for many years now (hence my blog title), have thin skin, am a girly wuss pants and likely to cry if you write anything negative (and in fact positive as I cry at anything. My husband looked incredulously at me early on in our relationship when I welled up during Forrest Gump.)

FYI I also have a sieve and have recently purchased a bat (cricket variety and not winged) for dealing with the most persistent advice. I am in the process of growing a thicker skin too but it needs to fit under my beer jacket. It’s a work in progress very much like my mothering and unfortunately for you, my writing skills.

So, to read my ramblings please pick a letter. It’s a game of chance as to whether you will find any content under your chosen letter but think of it as added value – a blog and a game in one. I know there is something under ‘S’ as I have referred to the sieve above and I’ve also checked. There are also some words under ‘A’ if you want to start this in a logical fashion.

Finally, asterisks denote my recommendation to buy shares in whatever it is I am talking about. I’m not saying you’ll be able to retire if you do this but I am definitely helping to keep most afloat.